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August 3rd, 2004

01:45 pm - Pembroke Campus anyone?
435 W Andrews Hall

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August 2nd, 2004

08:09 pm
Hey, how did you guys find out about your rooming? I'm not at home right now, so did it come in the mail or did you call or was it emailed to you or what?

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07:06 pm - 226 South Wayland House
on Wriston Quad... ANYONE else living there?! ANYONEEEEE... hahaha

here are my courses too:

Chem 33 (section 1, lab on thursday)
Psych 55 -intro to sleep-
Math 35 (will be switched to 18 or 17 if i get into my FYS)
Cog Sci 1 (will be dropped if i get into my FYS)

FYS= consciousness (philo 20)

also, any feedback about Wayland if anyone knows... i know it's big and in a good location, that's it really!! k thanx

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05:45 pm - Just joined...
Hey everyone, I'm Jenna. I figured I should finally join this. Here are the essentials:

-I'm from Rhode Island, specifically 10-15 minutes from Brown, in Northern RI.
-(therefore) If you have any questions about RI, weather, location, stuff to do outside of Providence, etc., ask me.
-I'm planning to study Geological Sciences and Japanese.
-I'm living in Keeny Quad in Poland House.
-Check out my interests or my facebook stuff for more info.

Good luck with housing assignments, everyone!

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05:44 pm - Dorm
320 Poland House

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August 3rd, 2004

01:36 am
302 Emery Hall

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August 2nd, 2004

03:45 pm
303 Everett

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03:22 pm - My room
313 New Pembroke #3. Anyone else is New Pembroke?

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02:33 pm - house'd
222 poland.
anyone else in the keeny quad?
Current Mood: apathetici should be happy
Current Music: into the moat

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11:12 am
Champlin 307. I called the reslife office because I absolutely couldn't wait. Nice classical music they have.

What'd everyone else get?

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