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February 16th, 2007

05:11 pm - Make what you want as a tutor. Pay what you want for a tutor.
Hey Everyone,

Trying to spread the word to everyone out there making less than they want. Take a look at SelectATutor.com. Tutors make whatever they want tutoring in any subject they want. Also, those looking for a tutor pay what they want for the tutor of their choice. I’ve found it’s a great way to pull in some really quick and easy extra money as a tutor and a great way to find a tutor in any subject. It only costs $9 per month to list yourself in as many subjects as you want.


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September 8th, 2006

04:17 pm

Rhode Island Intercollegiate Independent Film Festival

Hosted by the RWU Student Literary Magazine.

Saturday, September 16th
7 pm till about 10 pm

Showing the top 3 films.

3rd place: Dante, RISD
2nd place: Word Picture Verses, RISD
1st place: An Uzi at the Alamo, RWU & URI

There will be food.

Located on the RWU campus, behind the Architecture Building. (if it rains, we will relocate to a room in the College of Arts and Sciences, room TBA).

Come, support RI students and independent films!

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April 11th, 2006

01:07 am
For all those interested, we have an independent film festival on September 16th!! far off i know.. i'm telling you now so that you can make your own films and submit them by September 1st!! More information as to mailing address... this is just to get the word out to grab your video camera and start filming!!

Held on RWU campus

All RI colleges (students and alumni) are invited to submit and attend!

**Best film receives a prize, more details later.

If you are interested, comment here or e-mail RIfilmfestival@gmail.com
I can send you information about the festival and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you very much!
Laura Wind

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August 24th, 2004

01:14 pm - Weird?
This post is more for any of you who are members of Facebook. I tried logging in today, and my password (which I retyped a billion times) didn't work. So I changed it, and that was all good---until I finally got into my facebook account which was basically corrupted. All of my info was changed, and my activation date was set at December 31, 1969. Smells like a dirty trick to me~!

Anyone else have similar problems?
Current Mood: vaguely annoyed
Current Music: Elliot Smith - Southern Belle

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August 23rd, 2004

04:39 pm
Hey everyone... I'm not exactly a student of the class of 2008, but I may as well be. I'm a transfer student from the class of 2007 and I was just looking to meet new people and I thought this might be a good forum. I'm living in Jameson House on Keeney Quad and I live in Rhode Island so I might be a good source for any locale questions. See you all soon!
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Death Cab for Cutie: We Looked Like Giants

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August 7th, 2004

02:16 pm - MEAD HOUSE!
MEAD house, wat up. Just wanted to see if anyone else was gonna be living at MEAD house. Hope everyone is gettin crazy excited.

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August 4th, 2004

12:14 pm
211 Bronson House in the Keeney Quad. Is that any good?

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August 3rd, 2004

07:30 am
so i'm in 110 jameson. so what's jameson like? anybody here living/has lived there? just curious. thanks!

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04:54 pm - dorm assignment
Littlefield 412

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